Wireless Magnet Contact

Wireless Magnet Contact

This batteryless/wireless magnetic contact harvests energy from sunlight, enabling wire-free monitoring of the status of windows and doors. This product is directly commissioned from Niagara using the cns-enocean Connectivity Kit.

Key Features

The magnetic contact EnOcean is a wireless device mounted on windows and doors to recognize opening and closing. The wireless magnet contact is powered by a solar cell, meaning it works absolutely maintenance-free. An integrated energy store allows operation for several days even in total darkness. The contact housing and the magnet housing are very small, allowing the EnOcean magnet contact to be unobtrusively mountable at every window frame made of aluminum, plastic or wood.

  • Battery Free

    No batteries or wiring required as the device is powered by a small integrated solar panel

  • Versatile

    Can be mounted to all types of door and window frames

  • Wireless Communication

    Wirelessly communicates with other devices via EnOcean radio frequency (RF) protocol


  • Radio Technology – EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10)
  • Frequency – 868 MHz, optional:, 902 MHz, 315 MHz
  • Power Supply – Solar cell, internal super cap, maintenance-free, BAT: coin cell CR1220 (optional)
  • Enclosure – ABS, pure white
  • Protection – IP40 according to EN 60529
  • Ambient Condition – -25 – +65 °C, max. 85% rH non-condensing
  • Mounting – To be mounted flat onto the surface using adhesive foil (included) or screws