Connectivity Kit

Connectivity Kit

A suite of hardware and software components that collectively provide web based EnOcean wireless/batteryless control solutions for intelligent building management, automation and lighting systems based upon Tridium’s Niagara® and the JACE™ embedded platform.

Key Features

cns-enocean™ for Niagara, is a web based solution, globally available today, that enables the simple commissioning and operation of networks of EnOcean® wireless energy harvesting devices through Ethernet connected wireless interfaces.

EnOcean wireless technology is a global ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 standards based wireless sensor, switch and actuator device solution for use in smart and intelligent building control installations. It is an extremely low power technology offering devices which harvest power from their surroundings or through mechanical interaction. Therefore, sensors and switches can be installed with no wires or batteries required to operate.enocean

Tridium Niagara

Tridium’s Niagara Framework is a global convergent open web technology platform that seamlessly enables the commissioning, control, management, visualisation and analytics of disparate networked control devices in a web environment.

A JACE™ (Java Application Control Engine) is Tridium’s hardware component for the Niagara Framework. This is an embedded controller that allows a System Integrator to connect many different types of automation and control technologies inside one hardware platform.

CNS’s cns-enocean Connectivity Kit is part of CNS’s Niagara wireless commissioning, control, maintenance, management and analytics products and solutions comprising:




The cns-enocean Connectivity kit connects networks of Enocean wireless devices via Enocean Ethernet interfaces to suitable Niagara platforms such as the Tridium JACE and comprises:-

  • Operates on any suitable non license locked Niagara platform.
  • Discovery of EnOcean Ethernet transceivers.
  • Configuration of EnOcean Ethernet transceivers.
  • Learning EnOcean devices.
  • Access to EnOcean device data.
  • Modelling of EnOcean device data according to EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP 2.1).

CNS’s cns-enocean Wireless Ethernet Transceiver Unit

Communicates with any EnOcean wireless sensors & switches devices.

Conforms to the EnOcean Alliance equipment profiles.

Connects to any suitable Niagara platform via Ethernet.


  • Discover, commission networks of EnOcean Ethernet transceiver devices connected to Niagara
  • Learn and commission networks of EnOcean wireless switches and sensors
  • Automatic EnOcean device modelling according to EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP 2.1). No data IO mapping or labelling required, reducing commissioning time and cost
  • Connects directly to Niagara & Workbench platforms via Ethernet
  • Seamless Access to EnOcean device data via Niagara
  • No requirement for Third Party commissioning tools
  • Use with any EnOcean product manufacturer’s wireless switches and sensors
  • Non limit on number of EnOcean wireless devices per cns-enocean Connectivity Kit