Allure RS-Smart-Sense

Allure EC-Smart-Sense

The Allure RS-Smart-Sense room sensor, with its touchsensitive color display, offers a user-friendly interface that provides immediate and easy control of each space comfort parameter (lighting, temperature, sunblinds, and fan speed) while providing instant access to four predefined scenes. These integrated scenes can be easily assigned to recall specific settings or preferences in a room or office space.

The Allure RS-Smart-Sense sensor is customizable to fit any interior design. The sensor is available in two colors: ivory or black, and is supplied with an additional brushed aluminum style front plate.


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Key Features

An integrated sensor automatically regulates the Allure RSSmart-Sense sensor backlight intensity depending on the room’s ambient luminosity while discretely providing the utmost reading comfort. The innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern graphically indicates the impact of the user settings on the global building energy efficiency to encourage the occupants to follow the supervisor’s recommendations.

A password protected technician mode allows the integrator to perform commissioning, basic settings, and troubleshooting. For example, it can be used to set the controller’s BACnet MAC address during commissioning when the Allure RS-Smart-Sense sensor is connected to a BACnet compatible controller.

The Allure RS-Smart-Sense sensor is designed to interface with Distech Controls’ RCL/RCB-PFC Series controllers, RCLLight/Blind series controllers, and the RCL-ITR LONWORKS interface. Connection is made through a plug and play RJ9/RJ9 cable (not included).


ECO-Vue Icon

Distech Controls recognizes that the human factor must be considered when designing a building for energy efficiency. To encourage occupants to be as green as possible, the Allure RS-Smart-Sense sensor has an ECO-Vue icon that shows more leaves when the occupant chooses a setpoint close to the BMS commands. This helps to promote awareness for energy consciousness and to save operational costs. See Allure RS-Smart-Sense End-User Manual for more information.


The Allure RS-Smart-Sense room sensor provides precise environmental zone control for temperature, fan speed, lighting, and sunblinds with the following controller applications:

  • Fan coil units
  • Roof top units
  • Heat pumps
  • Unit ventilators
  • Lighting and sunblind applications


  • Real-Time Control

    The full color, touch sensitive color screen and intuitive interface provides real-time control of temperature, fan speed, lighting, sunblinds, and occupancy management

  • Storage for Instant Access

    Up to four scenes stored for instant access to favorite comfort parameters

  • Customization

    Customizable icons and different types of front plates (brushed aluminum and glossy black, or brushed aluminum and ivory) to fit any project and suit aesthetic needs of architects and building owners

  • Backlight Dimming

    Screen backlight dimming adjusts automatically to the room’s ambient light

  • Occupancy control

    Occupancy control to extend system’s normal operating hours provides increased flexibility

  • Single Cable

    A single plug and play cable to connect both power and communication for easy installation and system retrofit at reduced costs (RJ9 connection).