Allure EC-Smart-Air

Allure EC-Smart-Air

The Allure EC-Smart-Air communicating sensors combine a precise environmental sensing in a discrete and alluring enclosure: temperature, humidity and CO2.

The Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor series is compatible with the ECL series LonWorks® Controllers, ECB series BACnet® Controllers and ECLYPSE™ series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, including the Smart Room Control solution.

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Key Features

Discrete communicating sensor combining precise environmental sensing – temperature, humidity and CO2 – ideal for applications requiring no occupant-driven overrides.

For use with Distech Controls ECB BACnet series , ECL LONWORKS series and ECLYPSE series controllers. Models available with up to three integrated sensors: temperature, humidity and CO2. Also Available for applications that require no occupant-driven overrides, and can be daisy-chained for applications where one controller is serving multiple rooms or large open spaces

Installation and Servicing Cost Savings

  • Free up controller inputs

    The Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor is wired to the dedicated subnet port of ECL series LonWorks Controllers, ECB series BACnet Controllers and ECLYPSE series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, freeing up controllers’ inputs.

  • Reduce wiring lengths

    Daisy-chain Allure EC-Smart-Air communicating sensors to one controller for increased range while using less wire thereby reducing material costs in large open space and in multi zone applications.

  • One cable for fast and reliable wiring

    As a communicating sensor, both power and communications pass through a single Cat 5e cable, for reduced installation costs and for easier installation or system retrofit.

  • Quick-link connectors

    The EC-Smart-Air features quick link connectors, accelerating installation time by up to 75% and reducing potential wiring errors.

  • Versatile mounting

    The Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor supports various mounting scenarios, including on dry wall or on a North American, European, Swiss, or Asian style switch box.

  • Save commissioning time

    The Allure EC-Smart-Air is simple to configure and to commission: simply drag and drop the sensor’s block into your EC-gfxProgram code, for a plug-and-play installation.

  • ABC Logic self-calibration system

    The patented ABC Logic self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual CO2 calibration in most applications. ABC Logic guarantees lifetime CO2 calibration.


Temperature sensing

All models come with an on-board temperature sensor for a precise feedback based temperature control.


Humidity sensing

Optimize the occupants’ well-being by measuring the current relative humidity to maintain an ideal level for comfort.


CO2 sensing

Achieve energy efficiency with a CO2 sensor as a part of the demand-controlled ventilation strategy that adjusts the amount of outdoor air intake.