Jace 8000As the hardware that drives our software, JACE controllers unleash the full power of Niagara.

In order to integrate diverse devices and systems, a physical connection is required. The JACE (Java Application Control Engine) controller is the mechanism that provides this connectivity. This is illustrated by it’s ability to connect a range of common network protocols. Tridium’s Jace 8000 Controller supports protocols such as LonWorks®, BACnet®, Modbus®, OPC, oBIX and many proprietary networks, thus resulting in a unified system to monitor and optimise your system. Furthermore, scalability and reliability are maintained with the unique distributed architecture that a network of JACE controllers creates.

JACE controllers combine integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions. Additionally, they are integrated I/O with Internet connectivity and Web-serving capabilities—all in a compact platform. As a result, a JACE controller makes it possible to control and manage external devices over the Internet and present real-time information to users in Web-based graphical views.

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