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Phoenix Contact

The terminal is designed for use within an Inline station.

Part number: 2897952


The terminal is designed for use within an Inline station. The terminal has four inputs that may be configured independently of each other and either for measuring voltages or resistances or for RTDs. The sensors are connected using the 2-wire connection method, so that a nominal resistance of at least 1000 Ω is recommended when sensors with a relatively low temperature coefficient (e.g., platinum sensors) are used.

The resistance measurement with conversion into temperature values can be used for the temperature measurement with NTC resistors. The advantage of these resistors is a large temperature coefficient.


– Four measuring inputs that can be configured as
– Voltage inputs 0 V … 10 V
– Inputs for resistance measurements up to 300 kΩ
with output either in ohms or percent
(potentiometer measurement)
– Input for temperature measurements
– The terminal supports
– Platinum sensors according to DIN EN 60751/
IEC 60751 and the SAMA guideline
– Nickel sensors according to DIN 43760 and the
SAMA guideline
– KTY81-110, KTY81-210, KTY84 sensors
– Viessmann Ni 500, Viessmann NTC10 k sensors
– Siemens LG-Ni 1000 sensor
– Connection of sensors in 2-wire technology
– Communication via process data
– Channels are configured independently of one another
using the bus system
– Diagnostic indicators

The datasheet for this product is available to download here in PDF format:

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