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LoRaWan in Smart Buildings

Next level wireless solutions!

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Niagara 4

Online Video Training

Our Niagara 4 video training is presented by our own in-house Tridium Accredited trainers and provides over 3 1/2 hours of quality walkthroughs and demonstrations, covering all key topics from the Official Tridium 5 day certification we teach.

This online video content is ideal for those that wish to prepare themselves for the 5 day Niagara 4 technical certification program, or for those that simply need a refresher on some/all of the key Niagara 4 concepts.



We’ve Got You


  • Creating A Station

  • Basic Components

  • Tagging

  • Smart Tag Dictionary

  • Alarms

  • Histories

  • Leadlag Runtime

  • Schedules

  • Templates

  • Hierarchy

  • BACnet

  • Commissioning A JACE

  • Basic PX Graphics

  • PX Include Graphics

  • AHU Graphics

  • Dashboards & Widgets

  • Niagara 4 Supervisor

  • Categories, Roles & Users


Tips & Tricks

We are regularly complimenting this with the release of short ‘HowTo’ videos addressing frequently asked questions that our support team deal with on a daily basis.

Here at One Sightsolutions, we strive for innovation within our ever evolving industry. The Internet Of Things revolution and the resulting Smart Building technologies that have come about through it are breaking boundaries and allowing us to achieve what once was impossible.



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