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One Sightsolutions

One Sightsolutions tenant billing software is designed to give users the ability to automatically manage energy consumption and billing sub-tenants. Furthermore, our tenant billing solution is built for the Niagara Framework, integrating seamlessly, ultimately saving you time and costs.


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Even if subletting is not the main focus of your business, the software is the ideal tenant management tool to manage utility costs for the individuals, organisations or departments who occupy a part of the building.

Software features:

  • Firstly, the Niagara 4 Framework is what the software is built on and driven by. Meaning it is flexible to any changes or additions clients may have.
  • Additionally, because the software is built on Niagara 4, it can directly interface to meters, sub-meters and BMS, with no restrictions.
  • Another advantage of the tenant billing program is that it requires no training to use. Its simple design makes it easy to edit and adapt to your requirements.
  • Subsequently, it’s compatibility and ability to communicate with a variety of protocols makes it easy to set up and install. Ultimately saving you time.
  • What’s more is the tenant billing software also provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring admin staff to manage the accounts.
  • Finally, because bills are automatically generated, the tenants can be sure the amount payable is an accurate figure. The bills also contain a detailed breakdown of each section, reducing the possibility of queries & disputes.

Niagara version compatibility: 4.0 or higher

Niagara platforms: Niagara 4 supervisor

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

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