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Serial Port Service – N4 Supervisor

One Sightsolutions

Enable Serial Port support for your Niagara Supervisor. Primarily developed for Niagara 4, it is now available for both N4 and AX.


The service is implemented with more flexible serial port support in mind. There is support for Windows, Linux and macOS in 32bit and 64bit variants all in 1 module wheres Tridium originally had 1 module for each platform.

  • Supported on Niagara N4 4.2.34 to 4.8
  • Supported on Niagara AX 3.6.406 to 3.8
  • Unified driver works on Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 and potentially macOS 64bit when officially supported by Tridium.
  • Platform native serial port names instead of COMx for Linux/macOS in order to stop guesswork on which serial port you are using.
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