IO Modules


The OSS-8MIX expands your BMS system over the BACnet or Modbus network when your application requires additional inputs on a physical controller.

It provides simple expansion of a new or existing controller and reduces unnecessary costs of additional components. On-board LEDs help track and diagnose any input activity during operation.


 24Vac or 24Vdc supply


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• BACnet® MS/TP port or Modbus communication port (selectable)

Inputs & Outputs

• 4 universal inputs
• 2 universal outputs (supervised)
• 2 binary outputs (supervised)


• 4 override switches to manually control each output
• LED status indication of each input and output
• DIN rail mounting
• Removable, non-strip, raising clamp terminals
• Removable see-through panel for easy access to DIP switches
• Optional plug-in connectors allowing for expansion

Network Communication

• BACnet® MS/TP or Modbus communication port (selectable via DIP switch)
• Select MAC address via DIP switch or via network


• MS/TP @ 9600, 19200, 38400 or 76800 bps
• Automatic baud rate detection
• Automatic device instance configuration
• Copy & broadcast configuration to other CMMB modules


• Modbus @ 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps
• RTU Slave, 8 bits (configurable parity and stop bits)
• Connects to any Modbus master

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