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iBuilding Energy

The Complete Energy Management Suite

iBuilding Energy is the most comprehensive and intuitive energy monitoring and targeting suite, providing an impressive range of techniques for managing all aspects of energy related data.

Manage everything in one place with the 100% fully web enabled and is available online or may be installed to site. Data can be automatically imported to the suite from data loggers, BMS and SCADA systems,  production systems, electronic billing data and spreadsheets.

Most sophisticated web based energy suite

iBuilding Energy’s aM&T / EMS {Monitoring and Targeting/ Energy Management System) suite is the most sophisticated and comprehensive fully web based energy suite available. iBuilding Energy is extremely user friendly, providing a range of powerful analysis techniques, accessible through an intuitive interface suitable for users of any experience.

The application is 100% web based and accesible via a standard web browser from any PC with a network connection. iBuilding Energy is installed onto a PC or Server running Windows and Microsoft IIS, it is then served like a standard website and requires no client side application to be installed by end users. It has the ability to accept data feeds from multiple sources including the oBIX {Open Building Information Exchange) protocol, meaning it can seamlessly interface with Tridium’s Niagara 4 Framework.

Data at your fingertips:

iBuilding Energy contains an expansive selection of analysis modules which may be combined according to the specific requirements of your individual company. Additionally, the functionality is presented within 2 main user levels; Advanced and Express.

The Advanced level provides complete access to the full iBuilding suite whereas Express presents an extremely simplified view, where users of any ability can access their data. This is both important in allocating internal access, but also extremely powerful if you are working in a facilities management, consultancy, large organisation or management style environment.

Integration made SIMPLE

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