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Integrated control system project


One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge – London, is a high profile apartment block and contains some of the most exclusive apartments in the world. The building has been completed to a very high specification and benefits from the installation of a Building and Energy Management System that encompasses the power of ‘Total Open’ architecture.

One Sightsolutions provided the logic behind the Solar Blind controls which encompassed a couple of thousand individual blinds along with solar tracking and lux control.

Tenant billing within all apartments is made possible by logic and equipment supplied by One Sightsolutions. The tenant billing is deployed via slick oBIX interfaces between Niagara AX devices and an eSight energy system which has also been supplied and configured by One Sightsolutions.This building truly is an example of total integration between many trades, such as lighting, AV, Billing, HVAC and Solar.

The process

Energy metering

One Sightsolutions were engaged on the project to provide integration solutions for the management of energy, tenant billing, solar blind control and integrated services between the apartment and landlords controls systems. The specification for the project was extremely challenging in that a requirement to keep each apartment isolated from any other apartment but to provide an overall view for the engineering department was necessary.

To this end One Sightsolutions put together an architecture that utilised the combined power of the Tridium Niagara Framework architecture and an eSight aM&T energy monitoring system. The eSight system also provides a tenant billing module required for the project.

The scheme was engineered to provide local meter monitoring of each apartment integrated into the Tridium Niagara Framework, this incorporated Heat Meters for Hot and Cold water services which integrated into the Niagara platform using the Modbus protocol. Electricity meters were connected using a Modbus 485 protocol and various water meters using pulse counting methods.

Tenant billing was then assigned to each apartment providing a total quarterly bill for each utility service used.


Solar blind control for the building was integrated into a Somfy system where integration through an EIB / KNX interface linked solar tracking and radiation signals through the Tridium Niagara platform into local blind controllers within each apartment.

This solution provided a condition where if the radiation levels from the sun exceeded a certain set-point, then windows affected by the sun have their associated solar blinds closed during high radiation levels.

Manual override and seasonal control algorithms are also incorporated into the blind control system.  A solar tracking module and a model of the building provide the signals for the control strategy that decides which parts of the building are affected by solar gain. The linking strategy for the actual blind controls has been designed and implemented by One Sightsolutions in conjunction with Somfy.

End result

One Hyde Park has one of the most integrated control systems used in the UK today. It combines integration to most ‘open’ protocols and also links into many proprietary systems as well, using dedicated protocol drivers to achieve this.

Although very challenging, One Sightsolutions managed to provide this installation with a highly integrated system by choosing the correct products at the engineering stage of the project.

At each stage of engineering, workshops were completed with each and every other system to ensure compatibility between products was ensured. This provided a stable platform for the eventual site commissioning and system sign off.

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