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Office Management

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Office Management
Energy Monitoring Environmental Control Blind Control Room Booking & Control Lighting Presence Detection Desk PIR/Occupancy Monitoring Interactive AV Screen Wi-Fi hyperlocation Sensor

Energy Monitoring

Extremely useful for detailing where major energy consumption is being used. Provides a global interface to all equipment within the building including AV, blinds, lighting and HVAC systems.

View information from the building remotely via professional looking graphics with indication available on the status of the systems, utility consumption and associated costs accruing on the tenant bills and how much water, gas and electricity has been used.

Environmental Control

Within an building the ventilation system will be programmed to maintain comfortable internal conditions. This will relate to Heating and Cooling systems as well as Air Conditioning units.

Each room in the building is very likely to have an individual control set point applied to it and having the ability to change this Locally in the room or via an integrated system using a smart interface is now the normal and acceptable solution.

Data can be accessed via smartphone

Blind Control

In rooms when natural lighting is preasant, wireless blinds will be installed and controlled by the IBMS. Alternatively, a web interface can be accessed to change the blinds accordingly, i.e a presentation. Sensors can be integrated for blinds to automatically set the appropriate lighting/shade level. Allowing the entrance of natural light reduces costs on energy to power lighting.

Control from your smartphone

Room Booking & Control

The room booking system provides “room availability” or “in use” indication outside the room. Additionally, a user can book the room via the touch screen of via other web services remotely. The control panel allows the occupant to adjust the temperature, air quality controls and lighting, while also displaying feedback. Space utilisation technology monitors and tracks occupancy, helping reduce overcrowds and optimising working conditions by controlling humidity and air quality at the location.

Book a room or desk using your smartphone


Room light level adjustment and scene settings are automatic, but can also be adjusted remotely via user experiences web services app, or a digital control panel. Monitor and control each lighting system to improve efficiency through scheduling, daylight harvesting and integrated occupancy sensor systems. Receive real time alerts on individual usage and failures to help minimise costs. Automate regular checks on the functionality of emergency lighting, improving employee well being.

Can be controlled via smartphone

Presence Detection

Automatic light level dimming and occupancy (or absence) detection. Sensors work in collaboration with the IBMS to control and adjust this. It is important to utilise your workspace, so identifying people volume across the workspace is crucial in maximising building efficiency. Space occupancy solution for large and small areas, enabling you to track the utilisation of the workspace to maximise its efficiency using sensors to provide real time data. Data can be obtained with/without physical sensors, and can be used to create a more productive and satisfying workspace for your employees.

Desk PIR/Occupancy Monitoring

This is variant to each room, however in this situation one PIR is allocated per meeting room chair. Furthermore, the analytics can monitor the utilization of meeting rooms versus maximum capacity. This allows building management to analyse how efficiently the workspace is being used and the productivity of the workforce, using real time data. This can then be displayed via digital signage to identify confirmed occupancy.

Data can be accessed via smartphone

Interactive AV Screen

The room presentation AV screen, with auto-detect and digital signage. Direct connections can also be made to audio and webcam facilities. Access the system using modern technologies such as smart phones and tablets which provide the ability to change settings from remote locations.

Wi-Fi hyperlocation Sensor

Hyperlocation Wi-Fi is the most precise location driven technology. It can pinpoint beacons, inventory and personal mobile devices with 1-3 metres accuracy.

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