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Metz Connect

The BACnet MS/TP three-point module with 6 digital inputs, 2 two-level relay outputs and 2 digital outputs was developed for decentralized switching tasks. It is suitable for switching, for example, multi-level pumps and fans or louvers. In this case it is necessary to protect the relay contacts by appropriate load-dependent measures.


The inputs and outputs can be switched and scanned by means of standard objects via a BACnet client. The input terminals 1 to 6 are wired with the C2 terminals on two poles to potential-free switches or contacts. The module has a manual control for the outputs. The module address and the baud rate are set by means of two address switches on the front.Suitable for decentralized mounting in serial sub-distributor.

For Technical Data please see Datasheet

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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