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Your Smart Building future starts here

Choosing the right Master Integrator to help you achieve your smart building potential can be an overwhelming decision. At One Sightsolutions we are there every step of the way.

Offering Smart Integration in the workspace, commercial and residential sectors.


Desk Management

Wayfinding & Virtual Reality

Air Quality

Data Visualisation

Energy Management

Meeting Rooms

Visitor Management

Car Parking

People Counting

Revolutionise your building

What part does the MSI play in Building Integration?

The MASTER SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR (MSI) provides a crucial service to further an owner’s vision in achieving the most effective smart building plan. Skillful selection of the right MSI results in an invaluable technology partnership.

Selecting devices is just the first step of an effective smart building plan. The correct integration and management of these solutions is what ultimately determines the success of a building’s performance. The right MSI utilises a speciality skillset to make a building owner’s ambition a reality.

The multitude of design and control systems available can prove overwhelming, however this diversity allows One Sightsolutions the opportunity to explore every avenue in providing the most effective smart integration solutions. Every decision is made with the sole priority of facilitating the owner in achieving their building’s highest potential.

It is evermore vital that only the most innovative and sustainable services are implemented into a solution which meets the client’s demands in a fast-paced and thriving IoT market place.

Utilising a wealth of experience gained from many years within the building controls industry, an unquenchable thirst for the very best new technology, in house and external development, coupled with experience already gained by delivering within the SMART BUILDING space make One Sightsolutions a key player in deployment of the MSI.

One Sightsolutions delivering in this space

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