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Masters of Integration

Choosing the right Master Integrator to help you achieve your smart building potential can be an overwhelming decision. At One Sightsolutions we are there every step of the way.


Revolutionise your building.

What part does the MSI play in Building Integration?

The MSI provides an important role to help an owner develop an intelligent building plan. They need to provide a technology partnership role with the owner.

The design phase of a new building has contractors and vendors all coming in with varying demands. Everyone has an opinion on how the control systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems. IT software and security should be integrated and managed. You have to co-ordinate these demands, and somehow end up with the best, most efficient building you can.

It’s not enough to plug your devices in and be successful on day one. If those devices are not integrated and managed correctly, they won’t do much (if anything) to solve the end goals. The right MSI partner can make a builder owner’s ambition a reality, albeit, the MSI needs to be able to build trust with the owner that he has the ability and skill set required to complete the project.

Building services also need to align with web services, hence the MSI needs to take their clients demands and deliver the solution in a fast-paced and growing technology market place.

We at One Sightsolutions are currently delivering in this space.

Here at One Sightsolutions we are the leading UK supplier of building automation and energy management products & services. In addition to this, we retain integration at the core of our business model, with a vision to revolutionise the connected building.

So, from development of new technologies, to integration deployment, we are here to utilise connectivity solutions and help you achieve your goals. Why not optimise your building and bring it into the future and the IoE (Internet of Everything) with our connected building solutions.

Smart Arrival

Connected Building

Office Management

Case Studies

Building services.

A selection of the facility applications that can be integrated with Niagara in a typical BMS system

Web services.

A selection of the business applications that can be integrated with Niagara in a typical BMS system

Benefits of Master Integration

Realise how master integration can help optimise your smart building
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