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iSMA-B-2D has been built in order to control light in a single space in the building. The device is dedicated to control two separate DALI light areas with up to 32 DALI ballasts. Built-in two Special Inputs and two Digital Inputs are dedicated to connect presence detectors and light switches.


Dedicated DIP-switch allows to activate predefined inputs configuration. Out of box the device allows to control the DALI ballasts by acommon light switch and a common presence detector without the need of programming, which makes iSMA-B-2D the unique plug& play type device dedicated to DALI network control. The controller is factory-equipped with the RS485 interface which is the physical layer for the most popular open communication protocol Modbus ASCII/RTU.


  • 2x Special Input – dry contact
  • 2x Digital Input – dry contact


  • 2x Light output 230 V AC max. 4 A
  • 1x Power Supply Output 24V DC max. 80 mA

WARNING! Max. current for all the outputs is 8


  • Dimension: 123,6×136,6×54,5 mm, (123,6×171,2×54,9 mm with plastic cover for terminals)
  • Construction: plastic, self-extinguishing (PC/ABS)
  • DIN rail mounting DIN (DIN EN 50022 norm)
  • Cooling: internal air circulation


RS485 Interface:

  • Interface RS485 half-duplex
  • Up to 128 devices on bus
  • Protocols: Modbus
  • Baud rate: 2400 to 115200 bps

DALI Interface:

  • 2x DALI interfaces (max 16 devices, integrated power supply with 40 mA current limit for each interface)
  • Up to 16 DALI ballasts per interface


  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, no condensation
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP40 – for indoor installation


  • ARM Cortex – M4

Power supply

  • 230 V AC
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