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EnOcean Window Handle


This stylish wireless window handle transmits its position to enable monitoring of the status of the window in question. Available in a choice of finishes and with/without lock, the SRG01 generates its own energy when the handle is turned so there is no need for wires or batteries.


This product is directly commissioned from Niagara using the cns-enocean Connectivity Kit.

EnOcean Window Handle is a wireless and battery-less sensor that accurately senses the opening and closing movements of doors and windows, and sends the status back to EnOcean receiver. The sensor can be used to trigger customized events, like setting off an alarm, sending an email or turning on the lights, whenever an intrusion is detected. The sensor comes powered by a solar panel and uses low-energy signal transmission to provide convenient and hassle-free protection. It’s suitable for all windows and doors with turn-and-tilt hardware.

  • Accurate Movement Sensing

    When attached to a door or window, the EnOcean Window Handle accurately senses opening and closing movements, and notifies your EnOcean receiver instantly about the status. Your EnOcean home automation system can then be configured to trigger customized alerts like sending an email or triggering an alarm based on the status of the panel.

  • Battery Free

    The smart door and window sensor comes powered by EnOcean technology, a energy harvesting wireless technology that draws power from the installed solar panel to operate normally, eliminating the need for external wiring.

  • Simple Installation

    EnOcean Window Handle can be installed conveniently in all doors and windows with turn-and-tilt hardware like a normal handle, since it requires no complex setup and can operate wirelessly.

  • Radio Technology – EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10)
  • Frequency – 868 MHz
  • Antenna – Internal transmitting antenna
  • Power Supply – Maintenance-free, electrodynamic energy generator
  • Ambient Condition – 0 – +30 °C, max. 85% rH non-condensing
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