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EnOcean Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor


This stylish, wireless occupancy sensor – powered by ambient indoor light – offers easy energy saving for rooms, hallways and other common areas. The sensor communicates with EnOcean-enabled devices (e.g. temperature/lighting controls) when a space has been unoccupied for a set period of time.


This product is directly commissioned from Niagara using the cns-enocean Connectivity Kit.

Saving energy without sacrificing comfort can be effortless with occupancy based controls. The Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor enables a new level of energy saving control for rooms, hallways and other common areas. The Occupancy sensor uses radio frequency technology to communicate wirelessly with other EnOcean-enabled devices to set back temperature and turn off lights and electrical loads when a space has been unoccupied for a set period of time. Because the sensors are wireless there is no need to run additional wiring and installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. The sensor is self-powered by harvesting energy from indoor light, eliminating the need for periodic battery changes. The clean, contemporary styling makes it an attractive addition to any décor.


Self-powered wireless PIR occupancy sensors are the perfect energy saving solution for any space where traffic patterns or occupancy determine the need to power the space. Install the occupancy sensors in guest rooms, living spaces, common areas or hallways and link them with our HVAC setback module, thermostat or in-line switch module to ensure that the HVAC, lights and other electronic loads are only on when they are needed.

Energy Harvesting Wireless

Enjoy unlimited flexibility and performance with EnOcean-enabled energy harvesting wireless solutions. Systems that employ this wireless device benefit from limitless supplies of energy and unrivaled flexibility.

  • Interoperable. Communicates wirelessly with other devices using the EnOcean wireless standard.
  • Self-powered. Two integrated solar cells enable indoor light energy harvesting to power the device and eliminate the need for wires or batteries.
  • PIR motion sensor with 360 degree viewing angle lens for maximum efficiency in different room settings.
  • Two moulded buttons with LED indicator lights can be used to link and configure the device.
  • Internal tray accommodates supplemental coin cell battery for use in low light environments.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance free
  • Available for global applications based upon licensed 868, 902 & 351MHz RF bands
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