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Tenant Billing Module

eSight Energy

The eSight Tenant Billing module has been designed to provide users with the ability to automatically manage the complete process of calculating energy consumption and billing sub-tenants across one or more sites.


iBuilding Tenant Billing enables commercial property owners, facilities management companies or other clients responsible for sub-tenanted properties to store different supplier contracts against sub-tenant meters.

This information can then be used to automatically generate a formal sub-tenant bill based on energy usage over an annual, monthly or four weekly basis.

Managing Tenants

Managing multiple tenants across different billing periods can prove to be a complex process. The iBuilding Tenant Billing module makes this extremely simple.

Supplier contract and sub-tenant metering details may be quickly recorded within iBuilding. The property owner is then able to apply this information to the relevant tenants across one or more sites.

Multiple meters may be assigned to a tenant and billing information may be sorted and searched for by both tenant and date for ease.

Generating a Bill

Once a tenant has been allocated a tenancy period and meter, iBuilding Energy enables the property owner to raise a bill. This may be generated by selecting the tenant and appropriate billing date, which eSight automatically generates based on bills previously raised for the tenant.

iBuilding bills may be raised in PDF format, which gives the property owner the choice of either printing the bill or emailing the information to the tenant or to the relevant accounts department.

Historical tenant billing information is stored in full within iBuilding. This ensures that if the supplier contracts and tenant information change over time, full records of historical data may be viewed.

The iBuilding Tenant Billing module works in conjunction with the Financial Analysis module available from One Sightsolutions.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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