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Financial Analysis Module

eSight Energy

The eSight Financial Analysis module provides the ability to analyse energy consumption in terms of cost. Supplier contracts may be stored against sites or meters to provide accurate analysis of both current and historical consumption data.


The Financial Analysis module also enables creation, maintenance and analysis of consumption and cost budgets. Performance may be monitored against budget as the year progresses.

Contact Maintenance

Within Financial Analysis, the Contract Maintenance functionality enables contracts to be created and maintained. Once the contract has been created, it may be assigned to a meter to enable accurate cost analysis.

Within the Energy Analysis, once the option to view energy data against the relevant cost contract has been selected, the consumption rate will convert to the correct cost based on the tariff structure stored within Contract Maintenance.

It is possible to store different contract types such as single rate, two rate, banded or seasonal time of day (STOD) contracts.

Different contracts can be created through a user friendly set of screens structured according to the type of contract being entered.

iBuilding Energy is also able to store historical data for retrospective cost analysis and to ensure reporting on cost graphs appears at the correct rates for subsequent years.


The budget analysis page provides a graphical or tabular display of meter readings together with a display of a budget.

Actual data may be compared with a budget as well as comparing data from different meters and different budgets. Additionally the actual meter readings and the budget can be converted to monetary values by applying a contract.

Different budgets may be configured over the period of a year for any meter, such as consumption or sold budgets.

eSight also provides budget templates to assist with the budget creation process based on the type of site the budget is being set for. It is possible to view budget analysis data as a graph or as a table of data, which also provides additional information such as budget variance by unit and percentage. Additionally data may be exported to a .csv format for further flexibility.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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