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Exception Reporting Module

iBuilding Energy

The Exception Reporting Module enables alarms to be configured to automatically report on anomalies in energy data over given periods of time.


iBuilding Energy provides a number of different alarm types which can be set on a per meter basis.

Alarms may be raised within iBuilding or forwarded automatically by email or within iBuilding reports.

Alarm Configuration

The alarm configuration facility is used to configure different types of alarms associated to a particular meter. Any meter can have an unlimited number of alarms created.

Alarms can be configured to report on missing or average data ranges, deviation in data or if data steps outside of an expected range for a given period.

Profile Alarms enable a range of data to be selected. A percentage tolerance can then be applied to the data profile.

For example, a typical day of consumption may be selected and an alarm may be set to raise if the consumption profile deviates more than 5% from the day’s profile shape.

Raised alarms can be filtered and viewed to display further information about the alarm.

Each alarm can be acknowledged to indicate that it has been seen and action has been taken by the user.

Alarm Forwarding

Within the alarm configuration screen, there is an option which allows the alarm to be assigned an importance level. This may then be referenced when determining how the alarm is forwarded.

All exception reports may be setup to raise as a record within iBuilding. They may also be setup to be automatically forwarded by email or within iBuilding reports.

Alarms are forwarded on a site by site basis according to the priority or importance of the alarm and dependent upon the day of the week and time of the day.

The Exception Reporting module ensures that users receive crucial information as it happens, not after the event when it is often too late.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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