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Energy Analysis Module

eSight Energy

The Energy Analysis Module allows data to be presented in a wide range of graphs, tables, reports and exports. In addition, data analysis templates may be saved for later use by others or may be distributed automatically by email.


Energy Analysis provides the user with the ability to configure their own energy reports with ease from an intuitive user interface. A number of powerful analysis techniques are provided to ensure that data is presented in the most informative format possible.

Analysis Techniques

The iBuilding Energy Analysis menu provides different analysis techniques presented in a user friendly, colour coded set of buttons.

The Energy Analysis option provides the ability to compare meters, date ranges and analyse the cost of consumption as well as compare consumption against a target or budget line.

Electricity Analysis offers a range of techniques specific to electricity meters. These include analysis of maximum demand, contracts, load factor and daily profile comparison.

The Performance Analysis option enables the calculation of performance efficiency by analysing consumption data against production or Degree Day data using techniques such as Regression Analysis, CUSUM and Deviation analysis.

Within Baseload Analysis, it is possible to monitor energy consumption for active or inactive periods on a site as defined within meter or site configuration.

League Tables provide the facility for comparing sites or meters based upon a number of different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Intuitive, Flexible Reporting

The Energy Analysis configuration screen provides an intuitive set of options to enable the user to access their energy data with ease.

This includes selecting the preferred analysis technique, the meter(s) required for either consumption or cost analysis, date range(s) and output format.

Graphs within eSight are interactive, so users are able to “click and zoom” into a higher frequency of data where available, scroll along to view the next period or interval and view the data behind a graph.

Reports can be run on an ad hoc basis, saved down and made available for other users at a later point or scheduled for automatic distribution via email. Alternatively report data may be exported to a .csv format to provide additional flexibility where required.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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