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Data Exchange Module

eSight Energy

The Data Exchange Module enables the automatic import of data to eSight from a range of different hardware in a variety of different formats. eSight Data Exchange also provides the facility for analysing the quality of data once imported to eSight as well as allowing data to be exported by supplier.


The Import Data page provides a view of data import jobs.

Import Data

Items listed within this module screen are data import jobs which have either been run in the past or are still to be completed.

Imports may be filtered by status (running or complete etc) as well as by company, site and date.

Data may be imported to iBuilding from a number of sources including BMS systems, SCADA systems, Electronic Billing Data and Data Loggers.

iBuilding interfaces with most of the major systems manufacturers so importing data from existing systems is usually a straightforward process.

iBuilding Energy also provide a number of different products, services and options for transferring data to eSight. Full details are available upon request.

Data Quality Analysis

The Data Quality Analysis page allows missing data to be located and where required, auto-filled.

The auto-fill facility enables data to be filled with a linear data fill where data gaps will be filled with the same increments of data.

The existing data fill facility will take the profile of data from a previous week and apply the profile to the gap.

Data is flagged as being autofilled and if required, the Delete Autofilled Data button can be used to remove auto fill data for the selected period.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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