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Calculated Meters Module

eSight Energy

The Calculated Meters Module enables virtual or calculated meters to be created to generate meter readings based on a formula. The resulting calculated meter can then be used in energy analysis reports in the same way as a standard physical meter.


Calculated Meter Use

Calculated Meters can be used across a diverse range of applications. For example, in an area lacking metering, a calculation could be setup to report on the main meter minus sub meters; the resulting figure would be the remaining un-metered area.

Similarly, calculated meters could also be used to simply aggregate data or compare a main meter with sub meters.

In sites which fall under EU ETS (Emissions Trading) legislation or that have CCL (Climate Change Levy) obligations, calculations can also be setup to report on Carbon outputs.

Calculated meters are also frequently required for automatically calculating production efficiency, boiler efficiency and flow rates etc.

Once created, the calculated meter can be used within eSight for reporting in exactly the same way as a standard physical utility meter.

Calculated Meter Formulas

Calculated Meters provide the ability to setup a calculation which may then be used within standard analysis techniques in eSight.

Each calculated meter can include a range of calculations which are applicable for different date ranges.

Therefore, if a calculation needs to change, it is possible to add a new formula and make it applicable from a date range. This will preserve calculated readings from previous versions of the formula.

Formulas can include lookup values which are obtained from lookup tables within the Calculated Meters module. iBuilding contains full enthalpy lookup tables which may be automatically referenced when setting up a calculated meter.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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