Energy Management

Our Involvement

The energy market is so wide and diverse that getting started on a solution can be mind boggling. Over the years One Sightsolutions have been involved with many aspects of energy monitoring. Be it for building profiling, tenant billing, benchmarking or just to help building owners understand where energy is being used. Hence with the knowledge gained we are able to provide an overview of what can or cannot be achieved within a building by either using existing equipment installed or by providing a proposal to install new monitoring equipment to provide the services required. There are so many reasons for putting in an energy monitoring system and so many different ways of implementing monitoring systems, that making a sensible decision on the best way forward can prove to be a very difficult choice.

  • Identifying the right solution for you

    One Sightsolutions are able to help make those choices surrounding energy monitoring through discussion and listening to the client’s needs. A typical building has many energy users, from the house heating and cooling systems and lighting to perhaps Data Hall applications. This means that there are many diverse applications with many different requirements. Somewhere the project is going to require something to monitor the utility usage store the data on a regular basis then provide the ability to present the data either as energy analysis, Co2 analysis or perhaps cost analysis.

  • Niagara 4 and Data Storage

    Modern energy metering by nature is probably going to have an open protocol such as Modbus available for data collection, hence by using our Niagara 4 solutions it becomes very easy to collect, store and present data in many formats and to many different systems.

  • Integrating aM&T systems

    Utilising an aM&T system to collect and store data for analysis and reporting is now a very convenient way of managing energy usage. Niagara 4 has the ability to seamlessly transfer data to aM&T systems by using the oBIX IP interface. This is an automatic data transfer protocol and when used with the aM&T system to generate automatically created monthly reports, the entire system becomes a very useful tool in the war against excessive energy consumption.

  • Monitoring and Alarming

    aM&T systems also help management and financial departments meet legislation requirements for ongoing energy reducing techniques to be implemented and maintained. It is commonly known that energy reducing measures are quite often implemented then allowed to default back to bad ways. An aM&T system can provide monitoring and alarming of energy usage and should usage go outside of a normal profile for a particular item of equipment, then send out an alarm via email to report the fact. It is a good way of keeping equipment running in a controlled manner.

  • Sub Metering 

    Sub metering provides a way of monitoring energy usage for various items of plant, such as cooling systems, heating systems, lighting and landlords use. Extremely useful for detailing where major energy consumption is being used.

  • Cloud Hosting

    The ability to host energy data in the cloud and provide benchmarking and league tables for multi building businesses. Web access to multi sites is a very achievable option with todays technology.


Niagara 4 provides integration opportunities to almost any intelligent meter through the use of standard open protocol features. All Niagara hardware provides access to ‘open’ drivers.



 eSight energy is a web enabled aM&T system that provides reporting, alarming, analysis and billing functions and the data is automatically collected via the oBIX protocol from Niagara.

Smart metering for electricity, heat and gas provides invaluable data for management to view a buildings energy profiles, instantaneous energy consumption, high or low power readings and energy status.