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elitedali Multidrop Connectivity Kit

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elitedali Multidrop for Niagara 4 offers all the functionality necessary to allow  (from within the Web environment of Tridium’s Niagara 4 Framework) commissioning, control, management and monitoring of DALI lighting networks just as for BMS and other systems.

 CNS’s elitedali Multidrop Connectivity Kit is part of CNS’s Niagara 4 DALI® lighting commissioning, control, maintenance and management products and solutions which comprises:
  • Licensed elitedali Multidrop Connectivity Kit for Niagara 4
  • Compatible DALI® control hardware
  • DALI Power Supply
  • Niagara AX Special Software Lighting Control Components and Applications for upgrade or additional functionality

Tridium’s Niagara 4 Framework® is a global convergent Open technology platform that seamlessly enables the commissioning, control, management and visualisation of disparate networked control devices in a web environment.

A JACE™ (Java Application Control Engine) is Tridium’s hardware component for the Niagara 4 Framework.  This is an embedded controller that allows a System Integrator to connect many different types of automation and control technologies inside one hardware platform.

The elitedali Multidrop Connectivity kit connects DALI® networks directly to a suitable Niagara 4 platform such as a  JACE™ via its RS-485 serial port and comprises:-

  • CNS’s Licensed elitedali Software*
  • DALI® Serial driver and Commissioning Tools
  • DALI Open standard device Objects
  • elitedali software Control Components, Standard and Professional Options available
  • CNS’s elitedali Multidrop Interface Module (eDIM™)
  • Niagara AX™ platform Serial interface to Open Standard DALI® devices


Each licensed elitedali Multidrop Connectivity Kit enables

  • The connection of a single DALI channel, circuit or network of up to 64 DALI®  devices
  • Seamless connectivity between Niagara 4 and DALI
  • Full Commissioning, Control, Maintenance and Management of DALI networks and devices that conform to the Open DALI standard from within Niagara AX.
  • Up to 4 elitedali Multidrop Connectivity Kits can be connected per single RS-485 JACE serial port*
  • Up to 20 DALI networks can be physically connected to a single JACE*
  • Potential maximum of 1,280 open standard DALI® devices manageable by a single JACE*
  • Expandable across multiple JACES for large DALI lighting networks

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded her in PDF format:



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