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ECx-400 Series

Distech Controls

The Distech Controls ECx series are I/O Extension modules for the ECB-600 & ECL-600 Series controllers. These are I/O extension modules that operate off of a separate sub-bus, giving the controller a total of up to 40 universal inputs and 36 universal outputs.


BACnet B-AAC Programmable Controllers and I/O Extension Modules

This controller uses the BACnet® MS/TP LAN communication protocol and is BTL®-Listed as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (BAAC).

These controllers meet the requirements of the following applications:

  • Central plant
  • Air handling units
  • Boilers
  • Multi-zone apartments
  • Chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Roof top units

This controller has various software configurable universal inputs and software configurable universal outputs, and covers all medium to large-size industry-standard HVAC applications. This series supports up to two ECx-400 Series I/ O extension modules that operate off of a separate sub-bus, giving this controller a total of up to 40 universal inputs and 36 universal outputs.

Certain models have the convenience of supervised Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) switches and potentiometers that provide feedback on an operator’s manual override of an output to the controller’s code. HOA switches are ideal for testing purposes or when performing equipment commissioning and maintenance.

  • 16 universal inputs including 4 for fast pulse counting and metering applications
  • Expandable I/O capabilities with up to 2 ECx modules for a total of 40 inputs and 36 outputs
  • Optional HOA switch with potentiometer to locally override and monitor overridden outputs
  • 15 VDC power supply to power 4-20mA transducers
  • 2 calendar, 10 schedule, 30 loop (PID), and over 300 BACnet objects
  • Internal alarm functionality
  • ECB-650 includes live graphics color display (integrated LCD operator interface)
  • Open-to-Wireless™ Solution: support of up to 28 wireless battery-less inputs

Increased Energy Efficiency

Improves energy efficiency when combined with:

CO2 sensors

CO2 sensors as part of a demand-controlled ventilation strategy that adjusts the amount of fresh air intake according to the number of building occupants


Variable-frequency drives to adjust motor speed according to the instantaneous demand of the application.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:



OSS Charts

One Sightsolutions

 NanoBEMs 7″ Touch Screen


Jace 8000



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