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SH-TSX Thermostat Touch Screen


These SH-TSX smart thermostats can be used for various zone or underfloor heating, cooling and fan control applications. With their attractive 3.5” backlit touchscreen, they do not only have a slim and nice looking design, they can also be flush mounted easily.


The MOD models have built-in Modbus RTU communications and the BAC models provide BACnet MS/TP communications. The thermostats can also be configured to be used as a lighting and/or air conditioning interface for system network devices. Besides all this, they can be connected to the EasyIO FW controllers to create a price effective and partly wireless room application.


  • 24VAC/DC Power Supply
  • 3.5” Inch Backlit Touchscreen Display
  • BACnet and Modbus Communication Models
  • Fan Speed control and display
  • Operating mode control and display (heat / cool / auto / fan)
  • Flush Mounting in the UK or EURO Wall Mounting Box
  • Attractive Modern Designer Look
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Two Remote NTC10 Sensor inputs
  • 250V 7A Switched Network Relay
  • Digital Input for Overrides / Measurement
  • 2% rH Relative Humidity Option
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