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Xpress Network Utility

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For ECLYPSE controllers, increase efficiency with batch operations during installation and configuration, commissioning and maintenance. The xpressNetwork Utility can be used to batch configure and update one or more ECLYPSE controllers found on the available IP networks (Wired and/or Wi-Fi).


The xpressNetwork Companion mobile app can be used on ECLYPSE controllers to collect MAC address and define a hostname to easily locate the controller on the network.

Batch Configuration & Software Update Tool for ECLYPSE Controllers

The xpressNetwork Utility saves you time and cost by giving you increased control over multiple ECLYPSE controllers through device discovery and batch operations such as configuring and updating multiple ECLYPSE controllers on the network. It also allows you to directly access the controller’s Web interface or launch EC-gfxProgram to program the controllers.

Increase productivity using the xpressNetwork Companion mobile app, making it easier to identify and locate a controller on the network. Use the QR Code marked on ECLYPSE controllers to easily collect key controller data and to facilitate its network integration with xpressNetwork Utility.

Batch Configuration

Update the configuration settings (Ethernet, WiFi, BACnet, RADIUS Server, Web Interface configuration settings) for a series of controllers by making the changes only once. The xpressNetwork Utility then pushes these settings into the selected devices. In addition, with the embedded step by step Commissioning Wizard, all configuration operations can be setup and applied in one go. The xpressNetwork Utility saves on network configuration and maintenance time by eliminating the need for individual device configuration.

Batch Firmware Update

Update the server or I/O module firmware for a group of controllers with minimal effort using the xpressNetwork Utility. Send the updates simultaneously into each selected controller, saving you time and avoiding repetitive tasks

Batch ENVYSION and EC-gfxProgram Project Download

The xpressNetwork Utility features options that allow you to perform batch ENVYSION project downloads and batch EC-gfxProgram project downloads on a selection of ECLYPSE devices, without having to open each and every device to make the changes.

Device List Import & Export

Save an existing list of devices to a .csv file and reload it when a remote connection to the controllers is required and device discovery is not possible. The .csv file can also be used for documentation purposes.

Action Log & History

Keep track of all tasks/jobs and job statuses performed by the xpressNetwork Utility through the Job History and Log History.

Multi-Interface Discovery

Discover all ECLYPSE controllers that are connected to all network cards (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) of your PC or focus on a specific network card to facilitate batch configuration.

xpress network utility

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