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Distech Controls

Receivers receive orders provided by a control interface and transmit them to a lighting, sunblind or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) controller via a RJ9 cable.


Several receivers are available depending on the technology required for your installation:

− Infrared

− Radio

− EnOcean

  • These accessories, directly connected to a controller, enable lighting, sunblind and HVAC management. They transmit orders emitted by a control interface (room sensor, remote control or switch).
  • The RIR-L receiver is dedicated to lighting applications: it measures the average lighting intensity (from 0 to 1000 Lux) and enables a window / corridor side management.


Discreet (infrared receivers are slotted into the ceiling) or invisible (radio receivers are hidden in the suspended ceiling) accessories


Can be connected either to a lighting, sunblind or HVAC controller through a RJ9 digital link (quick plug-in).

Lighting Management

The RIR-L is dedicated to automatic lighting management (light intensity sensor)


The EnOcean receiver can be integrated with an EnOcean wireless battery-less installation.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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