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Other Productivity Enhancing Tools

Distech Controls

Distech Controls has built a cohesive package of tools designed to reduce commissioning time and provide easy to build, esthetically pleasing, user interfaces.


– Pre-engineered HVAC Applications for EC‑gfxProgram

– Pre-engineered HVAC Graphics for the ECNet solution

– Create various HVAC Systems within the EC-Net solution

– Create complex sequences based on supplied code

– Pre-engineered terminal applications for quick installation

Applications and graphics for Distech Controls controllers

gfxApplications is a library of pre-engineered sequences embedded within EC-gfxProgram. dcImages is a comprehensive module of over 700 pre-animated HVAC components. dc gfxApplications provides pre-engineered applications complete with ready-to use graphics. Found within the code library section of ECgfxProgram, gfxApplications provides a comprehensive library of pre-engineered codes. Once a code has been dropped into a programming sheet the sequence is clearly explained and code snippets are provided so tweaking is intuitive and painless.

Save Programming Time and Reduce Engineering Costs

  • Reduce engineering time and complement ECB Series BACnet®, ECL Series LonWorks®, and ECY ECLYPSE™ Series controllers
  • Reduce programming errors by using pre-engineered HVAC applications
  • Pre-engineered, pre-animated EC-Net modules allow easy drag-and-drop creation of system graphics
  • Provided code allows easy customization for advanced control and system requirements
  • dc gfxApplications provides configuration pages which can be used by entry level agents and balancing technicians


dc gfxApplications is a complete set of pre-built devices with corresponding proxy points, logs, alarms, code and EC-Net graphic pages (PX) for display and configuration. It allows you to drag and drop pre-engineered devices and have a working device, direct from the manufacturer, complete with code and graphics, in minutes. dc gfxApplications also allows devices to be configured using configuration pages provided or customize the code using EC-gfxProgram.

other productivity enhancing tools


dcImages is an EC-Net module that provides an extensive library of equipment and components needed to consistently assemble high-end system graphics, so you can spend less time assembling graphics and further distinguish your organization’s graphics that are competitive in today’s industry. Systems such as variable air volume boxes, air handling units, fan coil units, roof tops, central plants, and more can be created.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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