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ENVYSION is a web-based graphic design and visualisation interface used to deliver interactive graphical user interfaces and an optimal user experience for building owners and facility managers to better manage facility data.


System integrators can use xpressENVYSION, a workflow oriented “drag & drop” Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool, to easily provide endusers with cost and time saving analytical tools for their buildings including dashboards, playback, alarm consoles, and more. Also deliver dynamic and interactive content such as floor layouts with heat/cool maps, graphics, charts, dynamic equipment views, and more.

ENVYSION can be used in the following applications:

  • Embedded in the ECLYPSE Connected Controllers for HVAC equipment visualisation and/or operation applications.
  • With EC-Net™ for small to large visualisation and operation, graphical user interface applications.

Alarm Monitoring

Use the alarm console to view, filter, and acknowledge system alarms in your building. Alarms can be viewed in a timeline mode, to display all the alarms of the same point on one line, reducing the amount of lines in your console for a more convenient view.

Built-in Playback Functionality

The built-in playback functionality provides an enhanced graphical “snapshot” view of point value histories over a user-selected time span, in playback or real-time mode. View temperature variations in a room, different lighting levels on a floor, or view any equipment data, throughout the day.

Easy Navigation and Visualisation

Easily navigate throughout your entire site using the Project Tree structure. You can quickly view and analyze real-time data on your buildings, floor layouts, and custom equipment to monitor your building’s efficiency. Also consult other graphical components such as such as alarm consoles, schedules and calendars, reports/dashboards. This information is easy to view in a Web browser for enhanced data analysis and visualization capabilities.

  • Multi-Device Support

    HTML5 allows content to be displayed on any web browser or mobile device independent of the operating system being used and without the need for any browser plug-ins.

  • Fast Loading

    ENVYSION takes full advantage of the web and uses the components that HTML5 has to offer. Fast loading of visual applications through true native web pages with absolutely no browser plug-ins.

  • Customizable GUI

    Visual block programming to further customize the graphical interface through dataflow blocks and interaction with web components such as Google maps, weather services, iframes, videos and much more.

Full customisable user dashboards

Building owner or facility managers can create, consult, or edit their dashboard at any time to quickly identify issues, make assessments, and take corrective actions as needed. Select from a wide range of layouts and widgets to create your dashboard and save it in the Navigation tree view where you can view and edit later on. Drag and drop data points into any dashboard widget to easily create your custom interactive dashboard.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive layout support ensures that every user interface is automatically optimized for any screen size to ensure the optimal viewer experience on all mobile devices

    Scalable vector graphics (SVG) importing to leverage existing designs

  • xpressENVYSION

    xpressENVYSION offers a simplified and streamlined experience in a workflow oriented, drag & drop graphical environment, with full customization options and features available for your project in ENVYSION.

    xpressENVYSION is embedded in an ECLYPSE Connected System Controller and Connected Equipment Controller.

    It is also hosted on an EC-BOS‑7AX , EC‑BOS‑8, or EC-Net Supervisor, to expand the capabilities of an existing EC-Net system. It can also be locally installed on your PC allowing you to create graphics offline.

Images and widgets offer pre-built functional, graphics-oriented components, with predefined parameter configurations. They offer advanced servicing features for system integrators and facility managers. They include dynamic graphical functions such as:

  • Trends – select and graph data points; and view, compare and analyze historical data, such as energy consumption or system performance
  • Schedules – graphically configure weekly schedules and holidays
  • Callout – view values and status of points (alarm, override, etc.) and take actions
  • Weather – easily display current weather conditions in your graphics for a specified locations
  • List – display a points list table by dragging and dropping any points over the widget to populate the table list
  • Layer selection – toggle between different heat map layers and control which layer is currently active (lighting, HVAC, energy, etc.)
  • Date range picker – select a specific date range to display history or chart content, and the Playback widget
  • Charts and Gauges – display values for specified data metrics using chart or gauges
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