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ECL-VAV Series

Distech Controls

The ECL-VAV Series controllers are micropro-cessor-based programmable variable air volume (VAV) controllers designed to control any vari-able air volume box. Each controller uses the LonTalk® communication protocol and is LON-MARK certified as an SCC VAV.


These controllers meet the requirements of the following applications: Cooling Only VAV Boxes, Cooling with Reheat VAV Boxes, Parallel Fan VAV Boxes, Series Fan VAV Boxes and Dual-Duct VAV Systems

BACnet B-ASC Single Duct VAV / VVT Controllers

Flexible Inputs and Outputs

This controller has various input types including resistance, voltage, and digital-based ones. Moreover, it provides digital, floating, pulse width modulation, and proportional control outputs for valves, heating elements, fans, and lighting applications. This controller covers all industry-standard HVAC unitary applications.

Highly Accurate Universal Inputs

Highly accurate universal inputs support thermistors and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) that range from 0 Ohms to 350,000 Ohms, as well as support for inputs requiring 0 to 10VDC or 0 to 20mA with an external resistor. This provides the freedom of using your preferred or engineer-specified sensors, in addition to any existing ones.

Rugged Inputs/Outputs

Rugged hardware inputs and outputs eliminate need for external protection components, such as diodes for 12V DC relays.

Preloaded Applications

Factory preloaded applications allow these controllers, straight out of the box, to operate standard VAV equipment with a proven energy-efficient sequence of operation thereby eliminating the need for programming. The preloaded application can be selected using an Allure ECSmart-Vue sensor even before the network has been installed for rapid deployment or through the EC-NetAX™ solution using Distech Controls’ dcgfxApplications.

Integrated VPACC

Integrated VAV Performance Assessment Control Charts (VPACC) control sequences, provides a means of automatically detecting when the VAV is operating outside of its design parameters including: Persistent High/Low Space Temperature, Persistent High/Low Discharge Temperature, Persistent High/Low Air Flow, and Unstable Air Flow


  • Custom programming of any VAV and VVT (no flow sensor applications)
  • Models varying from 0 to 6 outputs
  • 6 network outputs
  • High accuracy 16 bit analog to digital converter
  • 1 on-board pressure transducer
  • Use spare I/O for separate control sequences
  • Integrated brushless, constant speed actuator with position feedback
  • Demand control ventilation supported – CO2
  • Support of up to 4 Allure communicating sensors
  • Open to wireless solution: support of up to 18 battery-less inputs
  • The ECL-VAV supports the smart room control solution
  • Models available with no on-board actuator
  • LONMARK certified

On-Board Air Flow Sensor

The controllers (except for the VVTS model) are equipped with an accurate on-board air flow sensor for precise air flow monitoring and control at low and high air flow rates, allowing the design for maximum energy efficiency while maintaining an optimal comfort level The on-board air flow sensor has a range of 0 to 2 inches of water column (500 Pascal).

Built-in Actuator

A built-in actuator with a brushless motor and integrated position feedback system eliminates periodic damper re-initialization and ensures worry-free operation, providing increased occupant comfort and extended service life (except VAV-N models). The built-in actuator for precise damper positioning used for loads requiring up to 35 inchpounds (4 Newton-meters) of torque.

Optimized Air Balancing

Optimized air balancing process saves time during commissioning: the flow sensor requires no zero flow calibration, and its variable-speed motor goes to minimum and maximum flow position in half the time of typical VAV actuators.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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