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EC-Net 4 Supervisor

Distech Controls

The EC-Net 4 Supervisor is a software platform used in server-class applications. It makes managing all buildings at an enterprise level possible, giving facilities managers the ability to quickly respond to problems and insights to optimize their system.


The EC-Net 4 Supervisor allows multiple Niagara-based EC-BOS series controllers, along with other ECLYPSE™ Connected IP and Wi-Fi products series, to be networked together. It serves real-time graphical information to standard Web-browser clients and provides server-level functions. These functions include centralized data logging/trending, archiving to external databases, alarming, dashboarding, system navigation, master scheduling, database management, and integration with other enterprise software applications through an XML interface (oBIX standard). Also, it provides a comprehensive graphical engineering toolset for application development.


  • Integrate a variety of devices and protocols into a common distributed automation system
  • Create a network environment with comprehensive database management, alarm management and messaging services

Enhanced Integration Platform

With improved navigation, searching, tagging and templating functions, system integrators and end users are able to customize dashboards for easier data analysis:

  • Tag your data with preloaded or custom dictionaries
  • Create standardized templates that can be reused for other projects and applications
  • Templating allows EC-Net 4 to automatically apply existing tags to new devices
  • Enhanced navigation tree and property sheet views, using graphical elements and styling to highlight and distinguish important system information and data
  • Data cleansing function removes system outliers and errors for more precise data analysis and a more representative presentation of a system

Powerful Security Features

EC-Net 4 ensures both your system and your data are secure at all times through advanced authentication and encryption processes:

  • Data in motion and sensitive data at rest are encrypted (foxs/https/platformtls)
  • Supports features such as strong hashed passwords, TLSv1 for secure communications and certificate management tools for authentication
  • EC-Net 4 can be integrated with existing enterprise identity and access management systems, such as LDAP and Kerberos
  • Employs a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for simplified configuration of user access and permission controls
  • All user actions, along with any security issues, are recorded in an audit log for increased traceability

Improved Graphical User Interface for End Users

  • Adaptive end user views are displayed using HTML5, for a consistent user experience across all web browsers and devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile Datasheet 2/8 EC-Net 4 Supervisor
  • Benefit from tagged data to quickly access devices, points and other system information
  • Tag-based navigation and filtering functions enable easier data and performance analysis
  • Drag & drop tools for faster and easier presentation of data such as charts

Capacity-Based Licensing Model

The licensing model for the EC-Net 4 Supervisor is simplified and includes standard IP-based open protocol drivers (e.g. BACnet®, LonWorks®, Modbus®) by default. Determine the number of EC-BOS connections required and the number of IP-based points that will be integrated and select the right capacity license from the start. License upgrades can be purchased in the future as your needs grow.

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