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EC-Net 4 Alarm Console

Distech Controls

The EC-Net 4 Alarm Console is a flexible client application for monitoring alarms from EC-BOS or Supervisor nodes and provides a low cost way for users that do not require the full EC-Net 4 Pro to monitor, acknowledge and review current alarms within a building or campus.


This is a “thickclient” application designed to be loaded on the user’s PC for remote alarm monitoring of one or more EC‑BOS or a Supervisor.

Multiple copies of the EC-Net 5 Alarm Console can be purchased to allow users with different responsibilities to monitor only the things for which they are responsible. A security office can have a copy to monitor only security alarms and a HVAC technician can have a copy to monitor critical building systems, each with his/her own console.

Thick-client application

Thick-client application for installation on a user’s PC.

Alarm Monitor Capability

Provides standalone Alarm Monitor capability for those users not requiring a full system engineering tool.

Alarm View

Alarm view allows user to view current alarms as well as those previously acknowledged.


Hyperlinks (if used) in alarms may be used to “go to” the Web page where the alarm point is displayed graphically to view more information

Password Protection

Password protection and security using standard Java authentication and encryption techniques.

  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging.
  • Supports multiple EC-BOS or Supervisor stations connected to a local Ethernet network, or the Internet via the standard notification class connection(s).
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