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The EC-Display LCD interface is perfect for small to medium sized systems where a PC front-end is not necessary or where quick access is required. The EC-Display interface allows system integrators and facility managers to manage systems without a supervising station, providing quick and convenient access to up to 250 points on the network.


EC-Display can be used with the Distech Controls system as a local user interface. Being fully interoperable, it can operate with any other LONWORKS® devices, using SNVTs or UNVTs. EC-Display can display and interface with up to 250 network variables.


The EC-Display can store and manage up to 16 weekly independent schedules. Each schedule includes a template for every day of the week, with a capacity of up to six events per day. For added flexibility, there are four special day templates per schedule, for holidays or other exceptional events in your scheduling.

Each EC-Display can be configured using the EC-Configure plug-in through any LNS® -based software, such as Distech Controls’ Lonwatcher 3. Alternatively, EC Display can also be configured using the EC-Configure wizard through ECNetAX which is powered by the NiagaraAX Framework® . Either way, a configuration interface exists to simplify the setup of the EC-Display and lighting applications through an intuitive menu-based user interface.


  • Operator display used to monitor and manage LonWorks building management system.
  • Replace operator workstation in small building.
  • Schedule LonWorks network system’s operation.
  • Monitor and/or override LonWorks system values through network variables.
  • In a network, communicate with other controllers through network variable outputs.
  • Personalize the home page with your company or client logo.
  • Manage access rights.

EC-Configure EC-NetAX Wizards

Designed for use with EC-NetAX (powered by the NiagaraAX Framework), the EC-Configure EC-NetAX Wizards can be used to easily configure the five parameter groups and points related to each group

EC-Configure LNS Plug-in

Similar to an EC-Configure EC-NetAX Wizard, the EC-Configure LNS Plug-in is a user-friendly configuration interface, which is accessible through any LNS® -based software, such as Distech Controls’ Lonwatcher 3.

ec configure ec net ax wizards


  • Read/write Support

    Read/write support for up to 250 points (SNVT, UNVT, Free Programmable points) allowing for broad access to the network.

  • Easy to Configure

    Configurable using LNS-based EC-Configure plug-ins or NiagaraAX -based EC-Configure wizards, allowing you to quickly and easily configure the EC Display.

  • Easy Mounting

    Can be mounted on a wall or on the door of an EC-Light Panel for convenient access to the lighting network.

  • Password Control

    Assign passwords to users (full access or view only) to control network access

  • Inputs

    Built-in input for 1/8″ communication jack (3.5mm) for network access.

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