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EC-Configure EC-NET AX Wizards

Distech Controls

Distech Controls’ EC-Configure series, dynamic configuration tools, simplify BAS designing by laying out the necessary parameters required to configure the inputs, outputs and control sequences of the products involved.


The EC-Configure series offers a user-friendly interface that can be used to setup a control sequence or system in a very short amount of time.

EC-Configure consists of a set of interfaces that are designed to simplify configuring and sequencing methods by prompting the user for the necessary configuration data. The controller then automatically selects the operation sequence according to the input and output configurations and dynamically adapts itself to the network variables that are bound to the controller.

LONWORKS ECC, EC series configurable controllers

The EC-Configure series can be used with any LNS-based software such as Distech Controls’ Lonwatcher 3 or with a multi-protocol platform software supporting LONWORKS® devices such as Distech Controls’ EC-NetAX Pro powered by the NiagaraAX Framework. EC-Configure can be used to setup all Distech Controls’ configurable controllers. EC-Configure is unique for each type of controller or application being configured though there are several interfaces that are common amongst most devices/applications.

EC-Monitor is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that monitors all device parameters including inputs, outputs, alarms and device status. The graphics in EC-Monitor dynamically adapt themselves to the configuration of the device as well as the real-time values being monitored. EC-Monitor can only be used with an LNS platform.

  • Simplifies controller configuration
  • Reduces set-up time
  • User-friendly interface and operation
  • Automatically selects operation sequences
  • Adapts to controller type to display unique features
ec configure ec net ax wizards

Intuitive user interface (UI) designed specifically to simplify application configuration

Automatically selects operation sequence based on input and output configuration

Displays prompts when users need to input important information

Several configuration windows for easy programming of devices

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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