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Allure ECw-Sensors

Distech Controls

Distech Controls’ Allure ECW-Sensors is a series of innovative feature-rich wireless battery-less room temperature sensors that complement Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ offering. All models are available in two options for 315MHz or 868MHz frequency bands, making them compliant for use in most countries.


The alluring, slim profile enclosure is suitable for classrooms, hotels, executive areas, office spaces and commercial areas. A separate sub-base allows it to be mounted on any surface with double-sided adhesive tape.

The Allure™ ECW-Sensor series are wireless and batteryless room temperature sensors specifically designed to communicate with Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ controllers via radio telegrams in accordance with the EnOcean® standard. All Allure ECW-Sensor models possess an integrated temperature sensor for precision local temperature sensing. In addition, some models feature a rotary knob for setpoint adjustment, fan speed setting, and a push button for occupancy override. All models are powered by solar energy, providing maintenance-free operation and are part of Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless solution.

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  • Precise temperature monitoring
  • Facilitates the mounting of sensors and switches on hard materials, such as brick and stone
  • Ideally suited for spaces that undergo frequent layout changes
  • Allows occupant setpoint adjustment, fan speed selection, and system override initiation and status indication
  • Perfect for all sites that run automated building control systems such as hospitals, hotel rooms, offices, and retail outlets

Wireless Communication

  • Eliminate expenses for wiring plans, wire and conduit installations, and electrician fees
  • Optimize sensor placement to get the most accurate reading and achieve improved temperature control and occupant comfort
  • Easily relocate sensors and switches when room configurations or floor plans change
  • Preserve architecture and materials, avoiding drilling and opening walls
  • Adhere to project deadlines and budget
  • Avoid disturbances to tenants caused by noise and dust associated with installation work

Energy Harvesting

  • Eliminate the use of batteries, thus eliminating maintenance
  • Reduce cable and wiring materials including copper and plastics
  • Preserve building envelope


  • Slim, compact style and clean lines are well received by architects and building owners
  • For people working outside of core hours, an occupancy control extends normal system operating hours for continued comfort while saving energy when possible
  • Fan speed selection for improved personal comfort with ECW-Sensor-SOF model
  • Accurate temperature monitoring while some models have setpoint override for increased individual comfort
  • Supports various mounting scenarios for flexibility: Install the Allure ECW-Sensor to any hard surface with double-sided adhesive tape, or attach it in place with screws
  • Optional battery available for installations where there is insufficient ambient light (such as in a plenum)

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here in PDF format:

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