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Allure EC-Smart Comfort

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The Allure EC-Smart-Comfort series are versatile communicating sensor which provide precise temperature sensing. Tailored for occupants, the Allure EC-SmartComfort’s intuitive design features coloured LED indicators to provide user feedback, rotary knobs to adjust the setpoint offset and fan speed, and a push-button to apply occupancy override.


As a multi-function room device, the Allure EC-Smart-Comfort sensor can be expanded with a combination of up to 4 Smart-Light or Smart-Blind add-on push-button modules, for lighting and shade/sunblind control, making it an ideal all-in-one addition to the Smart Room Control solution.

The Allure EC-Smart-Comfort series is compatible with the ECL series LonWorks® Controllers, ECB series BACnet® Controllers and ECLYPSE™ series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, including the Smart Room Control solution.

allure ec smart comfort

A communicating sensor designed for savings

As a communicating sensor, the Allure ECSmart-Comfort sensor series features an integrated “Feedback Status” function which is used to reset occupant manual overrides, for example at the end of each work day, thereby saving energy and reducing costs!

Temperature adjustment

All models come with an on-board temperature sensor for a precise feedback based temperature control. Select models feature a temperature setpoint rotary knob, allowing occupants to easily adjust temperature setpoint. For additional energy savings, the allowed temperature offset range can be configured via EC-gfxProgram.

Fan speed selection

Select models feature a fan speed rotary knob, allowing occupants to easily adjust fan speed – low/medium/high/auto (I/II/III/Auto). In addition, fan speed can be configured via EC-gfxProgram.

Occupancy management

For people working outside of core hours, select models feature a push-button occupancy indicator, to allow occupants to override system schedules: occupied, unoccupied or standby mode.

Utilize the on-board digital inputs

All Allure EC-Smart-Comfort sensor models are also available with 8 digital inputs for connection to existing or architect-specified light and shade/ sunblind switches, or for use with other room device outputs. This reduces wiring costs and installation time for both new and retrofit installations. These inputs are easily accessible by a convenient digital input cable.

Lighting & shade/sunblind management

With the addition of up to 4 Smart-Light and Smart-Blind add-on modules, the Allure ECSmart-Comfort delivers an all-in-one room device, managing all room functions: HVAC, ON/OFF or dimming for lighting, up/down or angle rotation for shade/sunblind.

  • This significantly reduces material and installation costs by not having to install independent light switches and shade/sunblind switches.
  • Smart-Light and Smart-Blind modules can easily be added at any time: simply clip them on, no additional wiring is required.
  • The Smart-Light and Smart-Blind modules are “auto-detected” and their function can easily be configured in EC-gfxProgram.
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