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Allure EC-Smart Air

Distech Controls

The Allure EC-Smart-Air communicating sensors combine a precise environmental sensing in a discrete and alluring enclosure: temperature, humidity and CO2.


The Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor series is compatible with the ECL series LonWorks® Controllers, ECB series BACnet® Controllers and ECLYPSE™ series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, including the Smart Room Control solution.

Discrete communicating sensor combining precise environmental sensing – temperature, humidity and CO2 – ideal for applications requiring no occupant-driven overrides.

For use with Distech Controls ECB BACnet series , ECL LONWORKS series and ECLYPSE series controllers. Models available with up to three integrated sensors: temperature, humidity and CO2. Also Available for applications that require no occupant-driven overrides, and can be daisy-chained for applications where one controller is serving multiple rooms or large open spaces.

Temperature sensing

All models come with an on-board temperature sensor for a precise feedback based temperature control.

Humidity sensing

Optimize the occupants’ well-being by measuring the current relative humidity to maintain an ideal level for comfort.

CO2 sensing

Achieve energy efficiency with a CO2 sensor as a part of the demand-controlled ventilation strategy that adjusts the amount of outdoor air intake.

Free up controller inputs

The Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor is wired to the dedicated subnet port of ECL series LonWorks Controllers, ECB series BACnet Controllers and ECLYPSE series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, freeing up controllers’ inputs.

Reduce wiring lengths

Daisy-chain Allure EC-Smart-Air communicating sensors to one controller for increased range while using less wire thereby reducing material costs in large open space and in multi zone applications.

One cable for fast and reliable wiring

As a communicating sensor, both power and communications pass through a single Cat 5e cable, for reduced installation costs and for easier installation or system retrofit.

Quick-link connectors

The EC-Smart-Air features quick link connectors, accelerating installation time by up to 75% and reducing potential wiring errors.

Versatile mounting

The Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor supports various mounting scenarios, including on dry wall or on a North American, European, Swiss, or Asian style switch box.

Save commissioning time

The Allure EC-Smart-Air is simple to configure and to commission: simply drag and drop the sensor’s block into your EC-gfxProgram code, for a plug-and-play installation.

ABC Logic self-calibration system

The patented ABC Logic self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual CO2 calibration in most applications. ABC Logic guarantees lifetime CO2 calibration.

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