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Hot Desk Management
In modern offices, employees only spend a fraction of their time at desks, maximise efficiency and reduce costs.
  1. Available desks and workstations can be viewed and booked at a glance.
  2. Monitor and schedule bookings from your smart phone.
  3. Locate colleagues, encourage collaboration and increase flexibility.
  4. Provide advanced analytics on space usage and patterns.
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Office 365 Compatibility
One Sightsolutions desk management solution integrates seamlessly to Office, Office 365 and Google calendar.
  1. Seamless integration with no need to change your working procedures.
  2. Book desks and rooms for visitors on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  3. Manage and schedule bookings through the standard Outlook interface.
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Document Management
An intelligent document management platform. Automatically track, manage and store documents, reduce paper costs.
  1. Secure storage and access of documents just a click away.
  2. Efficient document organisation using categories, tags and metadata.
  3. Access documents and data on your mobile devices.
  4. Highest level of data protection.
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Workspace simplified

  • In modern offices employees spend a lot less time at their desks, making the need to maximise the use of your office space evermore important to save energy and reduce costs.

  • Our solution provides a hot desk booking feature, which encourages collaboration and simplifies the management of flexible workspaces.

  • One Sightsolutions’ software seamlessly integrates to Office, Office 365 and Google Calendar without the need to change your working procedures, where you can schedule and manage your bookings through the standard Microsoft Outlook interface.

Benefits of Desk Management

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