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The OSSEasyAPI component provides a way to easily query web APIs and bring external data into Niagara without the need to develop a bespoke driver for each API. This allows the integration of online services such as weather data, as well as smart devices with a web interface.

What is the OSSEasyAPI? – Watch here


Now supports all GET/PUT/POST operations and therefore can be considered a read/write client.

The user simply needs to provide the addressing information for the resource they would like to query along with the necessary request parameters. With an understanding of the particular API the user can quickly obtain and make use of the required data within Niagara 4.

Bring data in from the web into Niagara 4

  • Web services such as Transport, Weather, News, Parking, Air Quality and many more!
  • Smart devices with an IP gateway (Vivreau “Smart” tap, uHoo IAQ, etc)

Eliminates the need for bespoke drivers for each API

  • Single component handles majority of APIs
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