Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Our Involvement

One Sightsolutions have been involved with a number of Data Centre projects where intelligent interfaces have been required for data integration. All Data Centres have infrastructures to keep servers running and the integrity of data flow intact, 24/7/365. This type of system is known as ‘DCIM’ (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) and is how our modern data centres operate efficiently and grow to meet demands.

The vast amount of data available within this environment calls for a system to be installed that can connect to each item of plant, interrogate its available database and then have the ability to monitor the data and make intelligent decisions based on the values recorded.

Working closely with equipment manufacturers required in the data centre environment, we are able to provide systems that have the ability to closely monitor all critical and non-critical data and make intelligent decisions on the information collected.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are offered with the implementation of an IP topology for data collection. The design can include redundant options that provide failover functionality to ensure that smooth monitoring of systems is maintained should a hardware failure occur with any server. By utilsing redundant network design concepts and topology, we are able to provide a fail-safe and secure solution that can be monitored and maintained with critical alarm functions being provided with snmp traps for community applications.

Connecting a network of intelligent controllers onto the IP backbone, allows strategically placed units to collect data from all equipment related to the functionality within the data hall. The controllers have the ability to connect to any ‘open’ protocol at either IP or 485 serial layer allowing us to connect to any piece of equipment with compatible interfaces direct without any 3rd party gateway or routers required.

Additionally where connection is not possible via an ‘open’ architecture, then the option to connect hardwired I/O is still available through connection to a whole host of local hardware outstations.

One Sightsolutions use Niagara AX extensively in this arena due to the connectivity provided with the‘open’ protocols available within all basic Niagara AX systems. Niagara’s ability to connect to all ‘open’ protocols provides seamless data flow between equipment such as PDU’s, Switchboards, Generators, UPS, Metering, Chillers, Pumps, almost anything that is found in the data centre today. Coupled with an ability to design generic and site specific graphics and provide reports on virtually any object along with critical alarming and history logging, then Niagara AX ticks all of the boxes.

Monitor and record power consumption all the way down to individual rack level. Ideal for co-location environments where rack space is sold to different clients.

Identify hot and cold spots in order to maximise your data centres cooling efficiency, eliminating over cooling & under cooling reduces costs.

Real time alerting of critical & non critical alarms such as equipment failure, cooling min/max threshold, fire alarms, leak detection, humidity and much more!

View available data centre capacity in order to provide accurate & informed decisions about the expansion of IT resources to meet growing demand.

Energy Saving

The cost of energy has increased and the IT industry come under scrutiny for the massive number of power hogging datacentres that cover the earth. As such, it is important to know how much power is being used and what is using it. The current generation of IT equipment is also much more energy efficient than 10-15 years ago and is being manufactured to operate in normal air temperatures.

A One Sightsolutions DCIM enables detailed monitoring and logging of energy consumption throughout the datacentre environment, down to individual rack level, enabling you to see how much energy is going where. Advanced temperature monitoring reveals hot and cold spots then allows you to make informed decisions on how to save energy, such as eliminating overcooling by raising the operating temperature of the data hall, distributing heat loads across multiple racks or implementing cold aisle containment.

Your energy saving potential starts with DCIM from One Sightsolutions.

Critical Alarming

Even though systems installed in mission critical datacentres are usually always designed with fault tolerance in mind or have backup systems available, it is vital that the data centre operations person/team know when any piece of equipment is in a non-optimal state or when a set point has been exceeded.

The DCIM system from One Sightsolutions is built upon Niagara AX, the most powerful and flexible integration platform available. It gives us the ability to interface to a whole range of devices and systems over multiple protocols such as BACnet, SNMP, Modbus and more so we can capture and present alarm data via a real time web portal accessible via a standard web browser.

We can provide alarming for UPS, PDU’s, CRAC’s, Fire Panels, Leak Detection and Temperature thresholds. These alarms may also be sent via email and SMS as well to ensure operations managers / engineers know immediately when something goes wrong.

Capacity Management

The demand for IT powered services increases dramatically every year and this is only set to increase even further. To cope with this demand, the modern data centre must be able to accommodate the required IT infrastructure and most importantly, allow for expansion of those resources when required.

A DCIM from One Sightsolutions enables managers to quickly see their available data centre capacity at a glance via an easy to use web dashboard that can display a small single datacentre, or even a whole estate of datacentres. Ideal for a central operations team.

Real time energy usage is compared to the total available power on the incoming feeds and current cooling load compared to available cooling capacity to give an accurate, real time overview of your businesses capability to grow its IT resources on demand.