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Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program

niagara-4This is the official certification course as designed by Tridium themselves and as such is split into 5 days. The first 4 days cover the key areas of the framework and students will be engaged in guided walk throughs, demonstrations and a series of hands-on step by step labs using real JACE 8000’s, multi-protocol IO and the Workbench & Supervisor software. The 5th and final day consists of an engaging practical exam where students are required to follow a set of instructions that will test & reinforce what they have learnt by resulting in a fully functional ‘mini project’ that utilises all key aspects of the Niagara Framework.

The goal of this course is to give students a good solid foundation of expertise that is necessary to efficiently design, engineer and program projects using Niagara 4. Students who complete the course and pass the final exam will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement testifying to their ability.

Duration: 5 days


Course dates are as follows, please contact us for availability:

17th – 21st October 2016       (FULL)

14st – 18th November 2016   (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

5th – 9th December 2016

eSight Energy Management Course

The Energy Management course is aimed at Energy Managers or other regular users of eSight. The course will help attendees understand how to analyse energy consumption and fully understand the power of eSight, enabling them to monitor and target energy consumption.

The Energy Management course will enable the attendee to produce energy charts and reports. These will include charts such as energy consumption charts, base load analysis, league table analysis or performance related reports such as Specific Energy Consumption, Regression Analysis, Deviation Analysis and CUSUM charts. The course will explain how to schedule these reports for regular production or distribution by email.

It is highly recommended that anyone using eSight for the management of energy and utilities attends the Energy Management course, enabling them to get the most from eSight.

Duration: 1 Day


eSight Administration Course

The System Administration course provides essential system configuration knowledge to anyone administering eSight. This gives a thorough understanding of the configuration of eSight which includes configuring sites and meters. On completion of the course you will be able to set-up new users and define their access together with the ability to configure sites and meters and other facilities within the product.

In addition, the course aims to give the delegate the tools to diagnose problems by understanding the event and audit logs.

It is recommended that at least one person per installation attends this course.

Duration: 1 Day

bacnetOur BACnet integration course guides students through the steps required to build a BACnet standards compliant building system. It covers the communications standards (IP / MSTP), BACnet routing (BBMD), point discovery, schedules, history, alarming as well as integration into the Tridium Niagara framework.

This course is an ideal extension for those who have already successfully completed the Niagara 5 day technical certification program and wish to understand the specifics of working with BACnet devices inside the Niagara framework.

Duration: 1 day

This course is available upon request from our clients. Please contact us for information.

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