About our training & certification

Our Facilities
  • We can train a maximum of 12 engineers, each at their own spacious desk with network & power for laptops and training equipment
  • The facility features a large HD projection screen so the whole room can see the instructors screen with ease.
  • A full 5.1 Cambridge Audio sound system accompanies the HD projector for an engaging audio visual experience, especially for video presentations.
  • The facility features full DALI RGB lighting controlled by Niagara 4 creating an engaging but relaxing atmosphere for our guests.
  • It goes without saying, the room features a modern Daikin air conditioning system, again controlled by Niagara 4.
  • We have dedicated high speed fibre on our premises that ensures fast and reliable internet access, free Wifi is available to our guests.
  • We provide all guests with refreshments, including cold and hot drinks as well as lunch and snacks throughout each day.
About our training

Here at One Sightsolutions we believe that knowledge and product experience is essential in order for any user or engineer to fully maximize the potential of the systems that we offer. Therefore we have placed significant investment in facilities that enable us to offer a selection of training courses designed specifically to help our clients get the most from our products and realize the maximum value that technology makes possible in our industry.

We have designed a number of technology specific training plans that cover topics such as BACnet and Modbus, as well as courses that focus on specific areas of Tridium’s Niagara framework such as graphics development, histories & alarming and Supervisor/Niagara network design.

As well as our own offerings, we are also a Tridium accredited training provider and run the official 5 day Niagara 4 certification course in house. On the energy management front, we are a provider of eSight Energy and are able to offer spaces on the official eSight training course.