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Electricity Meter Plug


The ZR-PLUG-XX-M passing plug includes an electric energy meter and a relay to turn on and turn off loads up to 2,5 kW. You can insert the Plug in a standard 230V socket and attach to it any kind of equipment.


Once attached to a wireless ZigBee network you can remotely switch on and switch off the device and always remotely measure the instant active power and the energy spent. Moreover is available stand-by killer and override button functions. You can set a power limit under which the device is meant to be in stand-by killer mode and so can be automatically turned off. With the override button the user can override the last command from the Gateway. Such tasks are carried out after simple Modbus commands sent to network that transforms them in wireless commands. The device is continuously supplied by a 230 Vca output, so it can also work as a repeater or a “father” device for battery supplied sensors.

  • Real Time Electricity Active Power Measurement up to 2,5 kW
  • Electricity Energy Counter
  • Remote switch up to 2,5 kW
  • Stand-by killer
  • Override push-button
  • Pass-Through Socket for many countries available: French (ZR-PLUG-FR-M), UK (ZR-PLUG-UK-M), Italian (ZR-PLUG-IT-M), US (ZR-PLUG-US-M)
  • ModBus profile on ZigBee platform
  • Router function
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