Control Niagara with Siri! HomeKit4Niagara

Introducing HomeKit4Niagara – A driver for Tridium’s Niagara 4 that allows voice control & feedback through Siri via Apple HomeKit.

Talk to Niagara 4 using Siri with our Homekit4Niagara driver!

Homekit4Niagara installs into a Niagara 4 JACE or Supervisor as a Driver. HomeKit points may then be configured and linked to real control points within the station. Currently HomeKit4Niagara supports Light/Switch on/off and Temperature sensor readouts.

Once installed, the user may generate a pairing code which must then be scanned/entered into the Home App on the users Apple device. The Home app will then show the station and the configured points below it. You may now switch these points in the app or interact with them via Siri.

What is Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is a system that allows control of smart home devices such as thermostat’s, lights, locks and switches through an app on your Apple iOS device as well as with voice commands using Siri, the popular Apple digital assistant present on everyone’s iPhone’s, iPads and Mac’s.

How does HomeKit work?

All you need is the Apple Home app on your iPhone/iPad to control your network enabled HomeKit compatible smart home devices. When on the same LAN, control functionality for each HomeKit device is possible via the Apple Home app, and via Siri. When you are away from your home network, remote control is possible by means of an AppleTV running tvOS 9+ or iPad running iOS10+ that can serve as a gateway.

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