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The Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

What is a Master Systems Integrator?

The Master Systems Integrator plays a crucial role in any modern Smart Building project. It is the responsibility of the Master Systems Integrator to understand all of the multiple, separate building systems, and work to integrate each of those systems in a singular smart building solution that meets and exceeds all client expectations.

How does an MSI differ from your standard BMS company?

The role of the Master Systems Integrator is one of the over-arching technical strategy. The MSI must be able to visualise an entire smart building plan from a birds eye or top down perspective and identify the connectivity options each system offers, what data is available, and how to integrate them all.

A traditional BMS, or other trade contractor specialises in a particular area such as HVAC, lighting, lifts, security etc…

The Master Systems Integrator on the other hand must worth with all sub contractors of specialist areas, and ensure systems are able to:

  • Operative effectively

  • Comply with IT policy

  • Integrate into the wider Smart Building platform “Single Pane of Glass” interface.

Reaching outside of the Building Controls comfort zone.

This is the single biggest factor that separates the Master Systems Integrator from specialist trades. Knowing where to go to overcome integration challenges when they cannot be solves using standard building integration tools.

A perfect example of this is integrating a third party software package into SPOG (Single Pane of Glass) via a REST/Web API, or where only an SDK is available. Not only does this require a significant software development skillset, it also requires a solid understanding of the Smart Building platform end to end, especially the end result.

For these reasons, using a third party external software developer is often not the best, or most efficient way of integrating said system.

Another good example of non standard system integration is exchanging data via means of reading and writing to external databses such as SQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, Apache Cassandra etc…

By having both IT and Software development skillsets internal to their business, the Master Systems Integrator is able to confidently overcome these integration and communication challenges efficiently and successfully.

Essentially the key to being an effective and successful MSI is all about closing the knowledge gap. Being open to all possible routes to achieve the end goal, and most importantly having access to the right products, the right people and the best technology.

Why One Sightsolutions?

Here at One Sightsolutions, we have a proven track record of operating at this level. Our forward thinking ethos, comprehensive skillset covering BMS, Energy, Integration, IT Infrastructure, Software development and more, gives us the confidence to tackle any challenge and pave the way for the next generation Smart Building.

One Sightsolutions – Your trusted Master Systems Integrator and Smart Building Partner.
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