ossGraphs is a Niagara 4 module which provides a wealth of new chart widgets for your station graphics. Making use of modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Scalable Vector Graphics results in charts and dials that look great in Workbench and in the web browser, and do not rely on the out-dated Java Applet. Giving high priority to the look and feel, data is displayed in clean, uncluttered charts with an engaging user experience that makes them engaging to interact with.

Comprehensive charts showing multiple trends at a time can make use of an interactive feature which enables users to isolate and highlight trends for individual examination,also with full responsiveness to adapt to range of screen measurements. The numerous charting options available at ease can be combined to create engaging and sophisticated dashboards, giving you complete control over how you choose to demonstrate and analyse information.

The wide variety of new history charts all feature sophisticated navigation options which can be enabled individually or in combination to suit your needs. Multiple new point dials and pie charts let you display live point data to your users in eye-catching new ways.

  • Line Chart

  • Scatter graph

  • Area/Stacked area chart

  • Bar/Stacked bar chart

  • Point gauge/Solid gauge

  • Point meter chart

  • Pie chart

  • Pie chart arc/Gradient pie chart arc

Information can flourish with the many benefits of Highcharts4Niagara, which include:

  • Clean visualisation of performance measures
  • Capacity to identify and amend negative trends
  • Instantly measure efficiency and correlations between data allowing you to make more informed and educated decisions for your business.
oss charts
oss charts
oss charts

Niagara version compatibility: Certified up to 4.7

Niagara platforms: JACE 8000, PC

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

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